Pillow stuffing machine | Pillow filling machine for beddings


Pillow stuffing machine | Pillow filling machine for beddings

Introducing the model  AM-621

The following is a machine designed to fill garden pillows, furniture pillows ranging from backrests to seat pillows, teddy bears, beddings to bedroom pillows.

The set is equipped with two work tables with weight control of the final product. Pillows ranging in size from small to the largest can be stuffed and weighed quickly and easily. The process of stuffing the pillows is under control of the operator. Pressing the footswitch starts the ejection of the raw material (ball fibre, carded fibre, foam sticks and foam granules to other loose fillers). It is possible to connect another machine from our range, which can even feed the raw material automatically. The line is safe to use, fully efficient and has intuitive panels.

Model ALFATEX AM-621
tank with agitator
filling blower
1,5 [kW]
2x 2,2 [kW]
Power supply 400 V, pneumatic
tank with agitator
2x work tables 
2x filling blowers
2x ejector pin
(length × width × height)
2300 × 1200 × H 2490 [mm]
1190 × 760 × H 850 [mm]
600 x 700 x H 1000 [mm]  
dł. 400 [mm] ⌀ 130 [mm]
filling blower
tank with agitator
60 [kg]
450 [kg]
Control control cabinet

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