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Foam Shredding Machine 18 [kW]

Foam shredder machine is ideal for shredding foams and sponges with the possibility of adjusting the size of the fragmented elements by changing the diameter of the mesh.
There are the following mesh diameter: ∅15 [mm], ∅20 [mm], ∅25 [mm], ∅30 [mm], ∅35 [mm]. The Sponge / Foam Crusher is ideal for reusing / crushing waste materials, foam, sponge, eps , etc. to make ''sponge crumble''.



Power 18 [kW] 
Efficiency 280 [kg/h]
Dimensions (length of the feeder × width × height) 1250 × 750 × 1650 [mm]
Weight 300 [kg]
Condition NEW

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