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Carding Machine with Bale Fiber Feeder

The carding machine with bale fiber feeder is suitable for carding various kinds of short fibers, such as wool, cotton, waste, polyester foam particulars, and microfiber, etc. Fiber feeder can store hundreds of kilograms of fiber, then convey to the next carding machine. Therefore, it can save a lot of labor cost, as well as improve working efficiency. The convey speed is adjustable. The advantages of the carding machine with feeder are power, working capacity, no vibration, low noise, and the ease and safety of use. The bale fiber feeder & carding machine presented on film and in photos is a slightly higher model than the one covered by the price.

Model parameters and equipment of the carding machine with feeder for sale are in the table below.

Model AM-531
Power 7 [kW]
Efficiency 300 [kg/h]
Belt width 800 [mm]
Feeder capacity 200 [kg]
The dimensions (length x width x height) 3650 × 1220 × 1820 [mm]
Weight 800 [kg]
Condition NEW





Carding Machine with Bale Fiber Feeder

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